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About Us

Hamyaran Nava is a charitable organization which is supported by Nava Yoga Association and was established with cooperation of some of our friends and colleagues in March 2012. We have divided our goals into short-term, medium-term and long term goals and for each goal we design a plan.

Our short-term goals:
1- Attracting financial or non-financial support from public
2- Helping orphans
3- Helping needy people
4- Helping patients with financial problems
5- Helping widows who are responsible for the family
6- Helping students with financial difficulties
7- Helping elderly people
8- Distributing piggy banks among people which can be filled and sent back to us

Our medium-term goals:
1- Attracting members
2- Establishing a financial center from which supports will be sent.
3- Holding conferences and seminars to attract public support.
4- Forming voluntary groups who help us carry out our plans.
5- Attracting help from NGOs and other organizations from both inside and outside of the country.

Our long-term goals:
1- Rehabilitation of help-seeking people and providing job opportunities for young people.
2- Attracting professional help from volunteer organizations such as medical, cultural, educational, etc.
3- Helping talented but poor students who cannot continue their education because of financial problems.
4- Producing economic sources for deprived people.
5- Building places to take care of senior citizens.