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The summary of our organization’s actions in 2015:

1-opening 9 one-classroom,2-classroom and 3-classroom schools in different areas of  Sistan&Blouchestan.

2-Providing clothes, uniforms, school supplies, stationery, shoes, backpacks, story books and food for 2000 students in southern Khorasan, Ilam, Nehbandan, Lorestan, Charmahal Bakhtiari and Sistan&Blouchestan.
3- Travelling to Sistan&Blouchestan, Lorestan, Ilam to provide clothes and food and so on for poor families in Norouz(new year).
4- Providing medical costs for poor people in Sistan&Blouchestan and southern Khorasan.
5-Providing financial support for some university students.
6- Providing food for poor people in Tehran and some poor states in Ramadan and Moharam(religious months).
7- Travelling to Lorestan, Charmahal Bakhtiari and Sistan&Blouchestan to visit new schools and providing supplies for more than 2000 students.
8- Giving loans and building several schools.
9- Providing food for homeless people in Tehran.
10- Providing towels and food for addicted people.
11- Providing clothes and food for poor families and addicted people.
12- Providing textbooks and laptop computers for poor students in remote areas.
13- Providing laptop computers for schools in Sistan&Blouchestan.
14- Providing water fountain for girls high school in Iranshahr.
15- Selling charity items and goods in favor of poor people.
16- Building a room for a homeless couple in Blouchestan.
17- Providing medical costs and supplies for poor people in Sistan, Ilam and Southern Khorasan.
18- Supporting 30 poor students in Ilam, Lorestan and Sistan&Blouchestan.
19- Providing financial support for an inmate’ family in Yasooj.
20- Supporting nomad students in Sistan&Blouchestan.
21- Providing other supports based on our strengths and from charitable people.

1-Distributing food supplies among homeless people:
We have cooperated with the humanitarian institute of Toloo Bineshanha in preparing and cooking food for 10000 homeless people across the city of Tehran In March 2014. On 17th of March, We distributed food, drinks, nuts, fruits and hygienic packages among homeless people, rehabilitation centers and other philanthropic organizations in our city. This activity continued until 4:00 in the morning.

2-Opening two one-classroom schools in Blouchestan in March 2014:
With the help of God and financial supports of humanitarian people, Hamyaran-Nava institute with the cooperation of the department of renovations in Sistan & Blouchestan, two schools were built in deprived villages of Roobahak and Roodgol.We also provided clothes and stationery and sports facilities for these two schools. We also took responsibility for the reception for the visitors and guests and the local people who attended the ceremony.

3- Our contribution to deprived areas of Ilam:
With the help of God and financial supports of humanitarian people, we provided clothes, stationery, shoes and food supplies for almost 400 students and their families in deprived villages in March 2014. These villages include Helian, Moosian, Malekshahi, Ganjavan, Dareshahr, Zarinabad, etc.

4- With the cooperation of the institute of Toloo Bineshanha, we provided food and clothes for homeless people in January and February 2014. Each cooking ceremony took place on every Tuesday. These donations were divided into four parts:
4.1. Providing 300 kg of rice, 28 tins of oil, 120 kg of grains, 60 packages of pasta, 12 tins of tomato paste, 21 kg of sugar, 24 cartons of tea, a TV set, clothes and blankets.
4.2. Providing 100 kg of rice, 15 kg of grains, 12 tins of tomato paste, 10 kg of oil, 30 kg of meat and 7 coats and windbreakers.
4.3. Providing 100 kg of rice, 15 kg of oil, 25 kg of meat and some secondhand clothes.
4.4.Renting a room for a 72-year-old homeless person. He has been hospitalized because of his sickness

With the help of God
and the contributions of humanitarian people, we signed contracts with department of educational developments to build and renovate one-class schools in Lorestan.
1- Building a one-class school with bathrooms in Tagh-akbar Olya ( border of Khoramabad and Ilam). In this contract our share is 150000000 rials which was paid by one of our benevolent supporters.
2- Building a one-class school with bathrooms in Dareh-jakeh ( border of Khoramabad and Ilam). ). In this contract our share is 150000000 rials which will be paid by early January.
3- Completing the construction of three schools with bathrooms in Takhtehchan (border of Khoramabad and Andimeshk). Our share in these projects was 300000000 rials which was paid by one of our supporters.
It is necessary to mention that by Lorestan educational department’s innovations in conjunction with Hamyaran Nava’s activities, we have established the campaign of school development in Lorestan

With the help of God and with financial and spiritual help of humanitarian people and presence of Mr. Asadipour( the manager of renovations and development of schools in Lorestan) in our journey to remote areas of Sistan & Blouchestan we held a meeting with Mr. Rashki (manager of renovations and developments in Sistan & Blouchestan) and other related managers, Mrs. Bakhtiari (representative of Hamyaran-Nava charity) and Mr. Rostami from Zahedan. In this meeting the following decisions were made:

1- Signing a contract to rebuild 3 schools in Blouchestan . Our share was agreed to be 500000000 rials and this payment was made.

2- Signing a contract to rebuild 2 more schools in Blouchestan until the end of December. Our share was agreed to be 300000000 rials.

It was agreed that all projects will be finished in March 2014.

3- Signing contracts to rebuild 2 schools in Khoramabad 25 kilometers from Andimeshk. Our share was agreed to be 300000000 rials and it was paid.

4- Building a school in Golamkabood in Lorestan with presence of authorities, students and local people and other guests.

A summary of our activities in 2013:

1- traveling to remote areas near the border of Iran and Afghanistan such as Zirkouh and delivering goods worth 120000000 rials
1.1. Following our commitment to delivering school items, we have provided stationery, clothes and shoes for elementary school students both males and females in Chahzard.

1.2. Providing toys and dolls for two kindergartens in Hajiabad and Abiz.

1.3. Providing sweatpants and trousers for dormitories in Darazhan and Shahrokht.

1.4. Providing scarves and underwear for dormitories and nomad women.

1.5. Providing sports shoes for two boarding schools in the village of Shahrokht.

1.6. Providing sports equipment, detergents, hygiene materials and sewing machines for two dormitories in Hajiabad.

1.7. Providing necessary equipment for patients in hospitals.

1.8. Providing financial help for patients suffering from stomach cancer.

1.9. Fixing houses for poor families in Ardakoul.

1.10. Providing rewards for students who have been winners in local competitions.

2- Traveling to areas which have been destroyed by earthquake in Bushehr and providing help worth 200000000 rials.

2.1. Providing and distributing 155 bags of rice, 110 bottles of cooking oil, 4 bags of lentil, 15 bags of peas, 5 bags of sugar, 90 cartons of tea, 30 cartons of candy, 15 cartons of pasta, 320 small fruit juice, 44 containers of oil, 108 tomato paste, 100 tents and meat and poultry for 250 families.
2.2. Providing medical and financial help in the village of Gorg Sadat in Bushehr.
2.3. Providing wedding costs for disabled families.

3- Providing 7 cartons of candy, 70 bags of rice, 56 bottles of cooking oil, 210 bags of pasta and a number of tomato paste for 70 families worth 40000000 rials in Nasimshahr, Kheirabad and Hamedanak in southwest of Tehran.

4- Providing medical costs for sick children in the village of Nardin in Mashhad.

5- Providing 100 bags of rice, 100 bottles of cooking oil, 300 bags of pasta, 100 tins of tomato paste, 100 bags of tea, cartons of sugar, 3 coolers, 1 stove, clothes, refrigerators and fans for 200 families in Khoramabad and surrounding villages with the total value of 100000000 rials.

6- The second travel to Khoramabad
6.1. Signing a contract to build a school in Golam Kaboud in Lorestan with the value of 300000000 rials.
6.2. Purchasing houses for a poor family with the value of 300000000 rials.
6.3. Visiting a number of poor families in the villages around Khoramabad and providing food and medical supplies.

7- Journey to nomadic areas of Sistan & Blouchestan in the first week of Mehr and donating goods and items worth almost 300000000 rials.
In order to supporting 150 students in different levels and collecting food items and clothes for 200 families, the following items were provided:
1- School bags and stationery
2-10 Kg of rice, cooking oil, peas, beans , lentils, sugar, tea, tomato paste, biscuits and clothes.
3- Visiting 11 schools in remote areas in Blouchestan and providing necessary items for students and their families.
4- Providing meat and poultry for a boys’ boarding school.
5- Visiting several poor families and providing financial support for a student to purchase a computer.
6- Planning to build 3 schools in remote areas of Blouchestan for deprived students.

8- The third journey to Southern Khorasan and providing goods and items worth 100000000 rials.

1-Providing schoolbags, clothes, sports equipment and water heaters for schools of exceptional students in Karizan village.

2- Providing help for the marriage of a newlywed couple.

3- Providing help for repairing the roof of a house and providing food and clothes for a family in Ardakoul.

4- Visiting a girls’ orphanage and providing food for juvenile orphans.

5- Providing clothes for a 20girl who is suffering from severe headaches.

6-Providing meat and poultry for two boarding schools in Shahrokht village.

7- Visiting and helping a girl with disability in Kaboodan village.

9- Building a one-class school in Golam Kabood village in Lorestan in November 2013 with the cost of 150000000 rials. With the help of benefactor people and the ministry of education of Lorestan, this school was built. In addition, clothes, shoes, schoolbags and stationery were provided by Hamyaran-Nava charity organization.

1- In our 3-day visit, we visited two schools and we are planning to build two more schools in deprived areas.
2- We visited some poor families and agreed to provide financial help for some students.
3- We provided hearing aid for a hearing-impaired student with financial difficulties.
4- We provided food, bicycles and other sports equipment for 170 female students in a boarding school.
5- We also provided laptop computers for university students with financial difficulties.

10- Other activities:
8.1. Planning to build a nursing home in the village of Baramcheh in Rasht.
8.2. Providing650000000 rials financial help which covers medical, housing, employment and other services for 15 people with low interest rates.
8.3. Providing monthly financial support for 8 students in Khoramabad and surrounding villages.

Some of our activities in the year 2012 are as follows:

1- Providing food supplies for 54 families in Nasimshahr, Kheirabad and Hamedanak 40 kilometers southwest of Tehran worth 40000000 rials.

2- Providing schoolbags and stationary for 100 elementary, middle school and high school students in Nasimshahr, Kheirabad and Hamedanak 40 kilometers southwest of Tehran worth 25000000 rials.

3- Providing food supplies, stationary and clothing items for 18 families in western Azarbayjan worth 30000000rials. In addition, we have supported poor students from two families and provided occupational loans in this province of the country.

4- Providing food supplies, clothes and blankets for 75 families in 5 villages in Varezghan, eastern Azarbayjan who are suffering from earthquake worth 47000000 rials.

5- Providing food supplies, clothes and blankets for 350 families in 10 villages in Ahar, Haris and Varazghan in eastern Azarbayjan worth 150000000 rials.

6- Providing a wide variety of foods, clothes, carpets, stationary, textbooks, schoolbags, toys and other goods for people of Zirkouh and surrounding villages in Southern Khorasan worth 180000000 rials.

7- Providing fuel for schools in bad conditions, fixing damaged classrooms, providing medical costs of some sick people, providing food and clothes for poor students and elderly people, providing shelter for homeless people, providing supplies for dormitories in poverty-stricken areas and supporting talented but needy students in different provinces of the country.

Other activities
1- Providing medical costs for a young man who was suffering from kidney disorders worth 60000000 rials in Bushehr.
2- Providing food supplies for 18 families in Khoramabad worth 40000000 rials.
3- Providing medical loans for a sick child in Tehran.
4- Providing medical loans for sick children with special diseases in Tehran.
5- Providing medical costs for people with different kinds of illness.
6- Taking care of some needy patients in Tehran.
7- Providing loans for help-seeking people in different parts of the country.
8- Keeping sufficient amounts of rice, grains, oil and other foods in stock in order to donate to poor people on different occasions.
9- Selling books written by humanitarian poets and other writers for the benefits of the charity.
10- Gathering new and secondhand clothes, shoes and home appliances for poor people across the country.
11- Cooperation with other voluntary groups.
12- Providing spiritual and psychological support for poor families in order to lift their sprits and help them find job opportunities.
13- Participating in various conferences in order to gather financial and non-financial supports and for recognition of humanitarian acts.

Our programs for next year:
1- Providing food supplies for 18 families in Khoramabad.
2- Investigating and identifying more poor families in Khoramabad and Southern Khorasan and making a difference in their lives.
3- Distributing necessary goods among poor people in remote areas of Kordestan and Khoozestan.
4- Providing job opportunities for poor people by building workplaces in the first half of the year.