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Our Goals

Our main goal is to help people in poverty-stricken and remote areas to improve their living conditions and restore their lives.

A summary of our goals:
1- Attracting financial or non-financial help from philanthropic people.

2- Providing necessary goods such as clothes, stationery and so on for school children and their deprived families in order to make their lives better.

3- Helping sick and elderly people who need support for medical treatments.

4- Rehabilitation programs and providing job opportunities for young and talented people by providing counseling sessions, vocational courses, necessary tools and equipment and loans with very low interests.

5- Gathering voluntary professional support from educational, cultural and medical organizations and service providers.

6- Providing psychological and counseling services for help-seeking families.

7- Helping students who are suffering from poverty to continue their education.

8- Conducting humanitarian activities and improving cultural and educational level of people by using publications, brochures, books and other available information systems.

9- Accepting members who can pay monthly membership fees which are then used for philanthropic purposes.

10- Distributing our organization’s piggy banks among members and other interested people who can fill it or deposit the same amount into our bank account in order to donate financial support.

11- Holding conferences and seminars to attract public support.

12- Forming volunteer groups who are willingly eager to devote their time and energy to humanitarian activities and participate in our programs.